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Our Story

What began as a project to build a quality home for his own family, eventually turned into a full-time career for Dan Marchetta Sr.


In 1956, Marchetta decided to design, construct and build a home to house his wife and two children in the West Akron area.  Several years later, after outgrowing the confines of this first home and adding two more children to the family, Marchetta and his wife decided it was time to begin building their second home.  As friends and family saw and admired the quality of Marchetta's work, opportunities came along to build other homes in the Akron area and Dan Marchetta Construction Company was born.

Throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s, the number of homes Marchetta built continued to increase and the company grew into the construction of large, custom built homes for a growing number of clients.


In 1973, Marchetta acquired land that was to eventually become his first development venture, Robinwood Hills Estates in Bath Township. In this development the company put in streets, sewers and built all the homes. Since then, Dan Marchetta Companies have developed 4 additional communities - The Sanctuary of Bath Estates, North Fork Estates, Arbour Green and Ashbury Estates in Medina County. 

The expansion to commercial building construction began in 1975,  20 years after Marchetta constructed his first home, The company built its first commercial building in the Valley area of West Akron.  Since then, Dan Marchetta Companies have constructed numerous apartment complexes, shopping centers, and office buildings throughout Ohio.

As business grew, Dan Marchetta Realty, Inc., was added to the Company's portfolio in the 1980's to focus on the real estate division of the company.  This division was incorporated to sell residential real estate, lease commercial buildings, and develop both residential and commercial properties for Dan Marchetta Construction Co, Inc.


​Today, Dan Marchetta Companies is involved in all aspects of Real Estate, Commercial and Development projects.  The Company currently owns and manages over 20 commercial buildings, is developing 3 new private residential neighborhoods, and is fully staffed, experienced, and ready to continue to grow in size.


Please take a moment to look through our website and click on your areas of interest. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our company and our commitment to quality since 1956!



Dan Marchetta's first home...built in 1956.

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